Smart Valuables Tracking Sensor

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This smart multi-function device uses Bluetooth technology and its own clever little app to help you keep your valuables safe and secure.

How many times have you misplaced your wallet or your iPhone or your keys and spent ages frantically looking for them - only to find them under the settee or behind the cushion - or sometimes in the most obvious place.  Well this device could avoid those panic attacks!

Attach this smart sensor to your keys, bag or your precious belongings and you can locate it using your iPhone or iPad ... but that is just one of the several things you can do with this device!

Smart Valuables Tracking Sensor

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One device - 4 different applications.

Lost Valuables Finder

When you can’t find the valuable item attached to the smart sensor, tap the “Find Me” button in the app on your iPhone. If the device is within a preset range (up to 20 metres), it will signal its position by beeping.

If you are not within the preset range, then using the iPhone's GPS technology and Google Maps, the app will display the item's last know location.

iPhone/iPad Finder

When you can't find your iPhone, you simply hold down the two buttons on the smart sensor and your iPhone will signal its position with an alert tone - this feature also works in 'Silent' mode!

In/Out of Range Warning Alerts

The smart sensor can also be used to trigger an alert on your smartphone if it is moved outside a preset distance.  

Simply set the range/distance using the app, then as soon as the device moves outside the preset range, alerts will be triggered on both the device and the iPhone/iPad

Car Locator

Ever forgotten where you left your car?  Well this feature can help you locate your vehicle.  You simply leave your smart sensor in your car, and the app will automatically record its GPS location.  You can then use the app to guide you back to the vicinity of your car.


Product Specification:

Communication system : Bluetooth 4.0
Transmission scheme : Spectrum frequency hopping diffusion method (FH-SS)
Transmission frequency range :2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHz
Communication distance: Up to 20 metres
Power: CR2032 battery (supplied)
Power Consumption: 220mA
Battery Life: Up to 6 months depending on usage environment
Size : 44 x 39 x 10 mm / 1.716 x 1.521 x 0.39 inch
Colour: Black
Net Weight: c. 10 grammes

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